Player Materials

Ant materials which are available in Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel, have multiple tabs. You can switch between the sheets and tabs to different sections of the sheet. This is to help navigation and separate information.

Accessible Rulebooks

Character Creation Guide

Player’s Handbook

Dungeon Master’s Guide

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

Monster Manual

Volo’s Guide To Monsters

Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Accessible Player References

Accessible Character Sheets

Below is an Accessible Character Sheet PDF for you to read and a Usable Accessible Character Sheet that you may edit.

Accessible Character Sheet Examples

The Accessible Character Sheet Examples below show a Paladin, Rogue and Wizard characters that are currently being used in a campaign.

Accessible Dungeon Master Materials

Accessible Dungeon Master Materials Example

Files coming soon.

Accessible Starfinder Materials

Files coming soon.

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