Discord Navigation

This Page details the different channels on the Knights of the braille Discord and provides links.

Text Channels

General Channel is where chit-chat happens. We talk about everything there.

Rulebooks Channel provides you with a list of accessible resources and materials to play or run games.

Games Channel allows people to advertise and join game sessions.

Inspiration Channel throws you into a space to get deep about what inspires you to create games or characters.

Ideas Channel creates the opportunity to share ideas about projects the community would like to begin or get help with.

Advice Channel lets us all share words of wisdom or search for them here.

Off-Topic Channel houses conversations that are perhaps sensitive and best kept away from the #general channel.

Welcome Channel is where you’ll find information about the server, the channels and how to navigate it.

Update Channels

Announcements Channel the town crier for Knights of the Braille calls out the latest news here.

Podcasts Channel broadcasts links to the latest podcast episodes from Knights of the Braille.

Facebook Channel allows Mark Zuckerberg to keep an eye on us. The latest Knights of the braille Facebook posts appear here.

Twitter Channel read the latest garbage that Jim from Knights of the Braille says to the world. He also retweets interesting things sometimes.

YouTube Channel allows you to tune into links from our latest YouTube videos.

Voice Channels

General Voice Channel is a voice channel to have a chat.

Games Voice Channel is a place to discuss games.

OS Channel is short for One Shot and can be used for any public games.

We also have an OS Text Channel linked to the OS Voice Channel, so that you may use the bots in our Discord.

We have several other Text Channels and Voice Channels which are used for weekly games by groups in Knights of the Braille.

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