Questions and Answers

I have noticed errors on your site, should I tell you? Yes please, even a small error should be corrected.

The accessibility of your site is not great and I have some suggestions. How can I share my suggestions for improvements with you? Please follow this link to our Contact Us page and share your suggestions. Can I watch one of your games before signing up? Absolutely, follow this link to our YouTube Channel to watch sessions.

Are you on Twitter? Yes, our Twitter handle is @brailleknights or you can follow this link to our Twitter page.

I’m having trouble with Discord, do you have a guide? Yes, please download our guide below.

I want to run a game for Knights of the Braille, how would I do that? If you would like to run a game follow this link to our Contact Us section and become a Knight of The Braille.

I want to run a game without Knights of the Braille being involved. Can I use your materials? Of course you may, please follow this link and help yourself to our materials.

I am running a blind group outside Knights of the Braille, but I have a question. Is it okay to contact you with these questions? Yes, please follow this link to our Contact Us page and ask any questions you may have.

I have braille dice, may I use those? Of course you may use braille dice.

If your materials are not braille, what do you use? Our materials are accessible PDF Documents that work with a screen reader. Follow this link to view examples of our character sheets.

What about the rules and game information? We are working on accessible PDF’s that outline the rules and other game information.

Do you have accessible materials for Game Masters? We’re working on those, they will be up soon.

Your materials do not work well with my screen reader, what do I do? Please follow this link to our Contact Us page and inform us of your problem.

The materials work great, but I have a better idea for an easier solution. Please follow this link to our Contact Us page and share your suggestion, we would be very grateful.

Where can I purchase braille dice? You can purchase them from 64oz Games.

Do you have anything to help me roll dice? We have a program that works through Apple Script and uses Voice Over. It is in the Game Materials section of our website.

What are some accessible dice apps? Currently our players are using Online Dice Roller and Dice Tray. You are able to download Online Dice Roller to use it offline on your computer.

Which AI is best for rolling dice? Siri, Alexa, Google or any AI works well for rolling dice.

How do i roll dice with the AI? Ask the AI to roll the specific dice. For example, if you would like to roll a twenty sided die, ask the AI to roll a D20.

You don’t have any games in my timezone for at least a month. I want to get started now, what should I do? We are afraid that beginning a Dungeons and Dragons game takes a lot of preparation from the Dungeon Master. It also takes coordination with the players. For these reasons games take some time to plan and last for months of sessions. Currently we are short on Dungeons Masters and are actively trying to find more people to run games for groups.

I don’t want to commit to months of sessions. Is it possible to try one session? It is possible to try one session. Follow this link to our Contact us page and please specify that you would like to participate in a one-shot session.

What should I do if my question hasn’t been answered on this page? Please follow this link to our Contact Us page and share your questions.

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