How To Play

How To Play Dungeons and Dragons

  1. Think about what you want in a character such as appearance, how they act, querks they have, etc. There is no need to fully figure all of this out now, but get a general idea of what you are wanting to do.
  2. Grab yourself an accessible character sheet, from
  3. Grab an accessible dice roller(listed below)

How To Video

Here is a Youtube video that should lead you in the right direction, or give you an idea of what to do.
Dungeon Dudes How To

But I want to Run A Game

This is awesome news and we are always on the hunt for Game Masters. Please contact either Braille Knight or Sir Richard to let us know.

If you wish to learn about how to run a game, again this is awesome news. If you are unsure of how to go about learning, please check out the following videos for tips:

Accessible Dice Rollers

Thanks to technology, there are several accessible applications(apps) that will roll the dice for you. The following list is not all inclusive, but will be updated as more are found.

  • Siri: just simply ask Siri to roll whatever dice you need to be rolled. “Hey Siri, roll 1D6”
  • Google Assistant: simply ask Google to roll your dice for you. “OK Google, roll 1d6”
  • Amazon’s Alexa: Ask Alexa to roll the dice for you by saying, “Hey Alexa, roll 1d6”
  • Dice-X:(IOS app)

Accessible Dungeons and Dragons Applications

DND Beyond While they get a lot of flack about their character builder being inaccessible, as of this posting it is still inaccessible to a screen reader user, the rest of their website is very accessible.

Complete Reference for 5E(IOS App)
DND 5E Spells

Other Accessible Game Materials

Star Wars 5E is very accessible and the developer, along with the community, are happy to help in any area that is difficult for someone with little to no vision. The website is user friendly, their materials are very accessible, and the price is free of charge.

Cubicle 7 Games: Clever Games for Clever People This developer is great and has a bunch of awesome games; be sure to go and support their work as well.

There are other TTRPGs that are accessible, or have been made so, and if you have come across one, we would love to hear about it. The Knights are not exclusively Dungeons and Dragons, so we would be thrilled to learn of other games or materials; please Email us to let us know.
The above listed applications are from the IOS, which is what Sir Richard uses. If you are an Android user and have found applications that are accessible, please email them to: Sir Richard

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