Sessions Information

  • Between A Fist & The Wealdath, Dungeons and Dragons Campaign run by Jim, Sundays at 11:00am Eastern Standard Time. Streamed on Twitch.
  • The Great Calamity, Dungeons and Dragons Campaign run by Eric, Tuesdays at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Streamed on Twitch.
  • Dead Suns, Starfinder Campaign run by Nick, Thursdays at 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • NEW Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, TBD. Contact us for more information.

Twitch Schedule

Sunday, at 11AM Eastern Standard Time.

Tuesday, at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Follow this link to our Twitch stream.

Campaign Descriptions

Between A Fist & The Wealdath

Tethyr lays in ruin after the civil war. A group of adventurers join The Flaming Fist to try and bring order back to Tethyr and The Wealdath. Invading armies, dark cults and monsterous creatures seek to destroy the realms of man and the Wood Elves. Can The Flaming Fist protect everyone or will they kneel to the temptations of evil?

The Great Calamity

Things were changing. Tavern tales floated from town to town and secrets passed through whispers in the temples. Stories of wizards flinging massive bolts of lightning and clerics healing wounds impossibly fast were becoming more prevalent along with boasts of  brawlers with increased ability and power. These were treated as rumors, of course: everyone knows that magic users can only harness minor magical effects pulled from the arcane or divine sources and that the more physically inclined are only as strong as the limitations of their bodies will allow. Well, at least everyone used to know that; but that was before the first wave…

Dead Suns

Tensions are running high at Absalom Station, bright and shining hub of the pact worlds. A mysterious
asteroid fragment has been towed out of hyperspace nearby by the mining ship Acrion leading to
rampant speculation as to what it could be. All scans have been inconclusive and the Acrion hasn’t
responded to any hales. On top of that, the Acrion’s owners—a group of mining contractors called the
Hard Scrabble Collective—have entered a dispute with the company who hired them—a large mining
conglomerate called Astral Extractions—over who has rights to this strange “Drift Rock.” As tensions
over this matter increase, gang violence on the station begins to escalate.
In the midst of all of this, the shuttle Okimoro approaches Absalom station, carrying a group of potential new members of the Starfinder Society, a prestigious league of adventurers. You, (the players in this adventure), have all received an invite to join the society from a friendly Dwarf by the name of Durivor Kreel. Whether you’re a thrill seaker looking for fortune and glory, a victim of unfortunate sircumstances seeking escape from a shady past, or anything in between, you have all accepted this invitation. You have no idea what’s in store for you when you reach the station, but you

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