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Who are Knights of The Braille? We are a community of blind and visually impaired tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts. We run groups for new and experienced players using games like Dungeons & Dragons. Come and Join Us!

On our website you will find information on Joining a Group, Running a Group, Game Materials and our Discord where we discuss the hobby and host games.

How do I contact you? Our email address is or there is a Contact Section at the end of this page. The contact section will require your name, email and a message. In your message please include your timezone and availability. Please click the submit button after completing your message. You may also click this link to visit the Contact Us page. 

I am sighted, can I play? Of course you can and you may participate using whatever materials you choose.

I have more questions, where can I find answers? Follow this link to our FAQ.

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