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Who are The Knights of The Braille? We are a blind and visually impaired Dungeons and Dragons group that is open to everyone.

I have never played before, may I join? Yes. The whole purpose is to play the game under the assumption that you have never played Dungeons & Dragons before.

How do I contact you? Our email address is or there is a contact section at the end of this page. The contact section will require your name, email and a message. In your message please include your timezone and availability. Please click the submit button after completing your message. You may also click this link to visit the Contact Us page. 

Where do we play? We use Google Hangouts as it is an accessible communication service.

How do I play? We provide accessible materials and you will use an AI to roll dice. This AI can be Siri, Alexa, Google or an accessible app. We have a list of accessible apps in our FAQ which you can find though this link.

When do you play? We are trying to make sessions available at a variety of times. Follow this link to our Sessions page and see a list of games and their scheduled times.

How do I create a character? We can help you create a character. Follow this link to our Character Creation information page.

Can I run a game for some of your players? Absolutely. We can put you in touch with players, provide materials and offer as much help as you need.

I am sighted, can I play? Of course you can and you may participate using whatever materials you choose.

I have more questions, where can i find answers? Follow this link to our FAQ.

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