What is Accessibility

Accessibility is defined as the quality of being able to be reached or entered. Depending on your own ability will determine the accessiblity that you have or need to have in order to use certain tools, appliances, documents, and more. Techonology helps tremendously when it comes to someone with a vision impairment to access computer files, the internet, and other digital content. However, this is only accessible when the proper tools, guidelines, and other practices are applied. The common misconception is that just because our computer or smart device screen reader will read something, makes it accessible. In a way this is true, it does read the document. However, just because something is read does not translate into it being accessible, because visually impaired computer users need to navigate documents. We may need to jump several pages down, paragraphs up, move to the end of a sentence, or something altogether different. Accessibility in the common lingo does not translate to it being Accessible.

Call to Action

99% of all Table Top RPGs are not accessible, due to the PDF not being tagged correctly during development. Blind TTRPG players do not have equal access to the documents that sighted individuals have. The content (rulebooks, etc) are made with little to no thought to visually impaired individuals wishing to play the same game or just to read the document. What we want is for content creators to make their pdfs accessible for those that are using screenreading software. We are not asking for free copies of these products, but for the ability to buy them and be able to read them just as a person with sight does. We wanted to be treated equally, not as afterthoughts.

What do we want?

  • We want publishers to make a commitment that future products will take the visually impaired community into account when developing their products.
  • A promise that Blind people will be able to purchase future content and be able to navigate it with a screen reader.
  • To be treated equally.

Who do we want it from?

Each and every publisher that produces TTRPG materials. We deserve equal treatment, because our money spends the same as someone with sight. We are asking that this becomes a standard for each and every single publisher on any platform that publishes TTRPGs.

How do they do it?

Hire Accessibility consultants and/or editors. If you are completely new to Accessibility watch Todd Crapper from Vision Layers and Jim O’Donnell from KOTB give a talk on Accessible TTRPG Documents at the @Everyone-Games 2 event. Here is the video on Youtube, check it out: Accessibility Workshop

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