This page includes a list of Accessibility resources.

Creating Accessible TTRPG Documents

If you are looking to learn about Accessibility in TTRPG PDF’s we would recommend you begin with our Everyone-Games Panel on Accessible TTRPG Documents.

Everyone-Games Accessible TTRPG Documents Panel

Community Discussion

Knights of the Braille has a Discord Server where community discussion takes place around living blind, vision loss and tabletop Roleplaying games. If you are looking for community discussion specifically around living blind and vision loss we also recommend joining the r/Blind SubReddit or their Discord Server.

Knights of the Braille Discord Server

r/Blind Discord Server

r/Blind SubReddit

Braille Dice

Access to Braille Dice is free. Below is both a link to STL files for printing Braille Dice and a link to a charitable organization named See3D who 3D print products for the Blind free of charge. Download the STL files and send them to See 3D to access Braille Dice. If you are sighted we ask that you please purchase your Braille Dice using 64oz Games (link below).

Braille Dice STL Files

See 3D

64oz Games

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Beyond provides an Accessible and easy-to-use option for Dungeons & Dragons. It guides you through character creation, keeps character information and provides Accessible books in a digital format.

D&D Beyond


Below is a link to a free website which contains everything you need to play and run Pathfinder 2e in a Screen Reader Accessible format.

Pathfinder 2e


A fully Accessible PDF Rulebook for a game which features no combat. Follow the link below to purchase Wanderhome.