This page includes a list of Accessibility resources.

Creating Accessible TTRPG Documents

If you are looking to learn about Accessibility in TTRPG PDF’s we would recommend you begin with our Everyone-Games Panel on Accessible TTRPG Documents.

Everyone-Games Accessible TTRPG Documents Panel

Community Discussion

Knights of the Braille has a Discord Server where community discussion takes place around living blind, vision loss and tabletop Roleplaying games. If you are looking for community discussion specifically around living blind and vision loss we also recommend joining the r/Blind SubReddit or their Discord Server.

Knights of the Braille Discord Server

r/Blind Discord Server

r/Blind SubReddit

Braille Dice

Access to Braille Dice is free. Below is both a link to STL files for printing Braille Dice and a link to a charitable organization named See3D who 3D print products for the Blind free of charge. Download the STL files and send them to See 3D to access Braille Dice. If you are sighted we ask that you please purchase your Braille Dice using 64oz Games (link below).

Braille Dice STL Files

See 3D

64oz Games

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Beyond provides an Accessible and easy-to-use option for Dungeons & Dragons. It guides you through character creation, keeps character information and provides Accessible books in a digital format.

D&D Beyond

Adventure Skeletons

An accessible version of Adventure Skeletons is available to download for free via the link below.

Alien RPG

Fans o the Alien cinematic universe can sign on with Wayland Yutani, turn on their motion tracker and play this survival horror roleplaying game. The core rulebook is accessible to screen readers.

Alien RPG Core Rulebook

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Below is a link to a website which contains everything you need to play and run Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game in an accessible format for free.

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game


A solo journaling game by Grant Howitt.

Giant Goddamn Robots

Description to come. Written by Grant Howitt.

MÖRK BORG – Bare Bones Edition

A doom metal album of a game. A spiked flail to the face. Rules light, heavy everything else. This is the Bare Bones Edition; free, and mostly accessible.

MÖRK BORG – Bare Bones Edition

Mothership 0E

An accessible version of Mothership 0E is available to download for free via the link below.


Below is a link to a free website which contains everything you need to play and run Pathfinder 2e in a Screen Reader Accessible format.

Pathfinder 2e

Star Wars 5e

A free accessible game, which uses the same rules as Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

Star Wars 5e

This One Time At Bard Camp

A free accessible version of this game in which you are a trainee bard at Bardic Community College. You’ve been waiting all year for the highlight of the season – Bard Camp, a creative retreat where students mix, mingle, jam and party all night long. You’ve got one week to achieve your dreams before you have to go back to the real world. Written by Grant Howitt.


A fully Accessible PDF Rulebook for a game which features no combat. Follow the link below to purchase Wanderhome.


The Witch Is Dead

A free accessible version of a game in which you are a magical woodland creature, and your beautiful witch mistress has been killed, and you are about to set out on a murder-revenge adventure in the human lands. Comes with a spell list, a means of generating plots and adversaries, and a drawing of a cute fox that’s just mauled someone. Written by Grant Howitt.

Wreck The Halls

A free accessible version of a game in which you play a tinsel-wreathed cyberpunk on a mission to take Christmas back from the absurdly rich using a wide variety of improvised equipment. What’s not to like? Written by Grant Howitt and Thryn Henderson.