An Ick does not adhere to one simple shape, size, color, or design; it most resembles a stain on the floor, furniture, puddle of something unmentionable. The focus of the Ick is to draw you in to it’s range, to touch it, so that it may feed upon your life force, slowly digesting you bit … Continue reading Ick

Jim’s Blog – Open Game License & Accessibility

This week I'm taking a break from discussing the design of my Accessible Mega-Dungeon where Roleplay is a focus, so that I can share how the Open Game License debacle in Dungeons & Dragons may effect Accessibility. This blog will assume you are up to speed with the Dungeons & Dragons Open Game License situation. … Continue reading Jim’s Blog – Open Game License & Accessibility

Dark Citadel S1 E3 Script and Link

https://anchor.fm/knightsofthebraille/episodes/Dark-Citadel-S1-E3-Your-Moms-Room-e1t2v6g Narrator: The hallway appears behind the alcove and it is illuminated with an eerie green glow. The light seems to wax and wane, as though it is the flickering flame of a torch. A drizzle of dust sifts from the rounded stone ceiling, like rain from a storm cloud, filling the air with swirls, … Continue reading Dark Citadel S1 E3 Script and Link