Session 1 DM Notes 11-15-2022

Here are my notes from Session 1 of Tales From the Yawning Portal Feel free to use them as an example, as inspiration, reading material, or to ignore them entirely. If/when the recap gets posted, see how much changed.

Unfortunately I can’t put the music link in the post, as it shows all songs in the playlist.

Village Hall
Mayor Vernan Lang

General Store
Kerowyn Hucrele owner

info, healing, advice
Dem “Corkie” Nackle priest of Pelor

constable Felosial a female half-elf
*has 16 guards at her command
*has 4 scouts at her call

Rurik Lutgehr, male dwarf

ol boar inn
Garon owner

if out at night:
4 twig blights
onyx 20
mitch 19
artimax 9
talon 6
25xp each

citadel was built for
worshippers in dragon cult
of dragon Ashardalon
cataclysm killed cult and sunk the fortress
goblins and kobalds warring with each other
road at cleft is best way to enter
7 miles away
rarely used path
overgrown with weeds
old oak trees
abandoned farms
deep ravine on left of road
30ft width
30ft depth
widest and deepest is 40
several broken pillars
2 lean on earth
*has rope tied to it
most have fallen into ravine’s depths
mostly same thing on opposite side

dwarvish/goblinish scratching:
warnings and threats against trespassers

dc 10 Investigation/Survival shows:
small campfires as recent as 1 month ago
tried to hide evidence of fires

Floor Level
rocky, sandy, small bones, overlooks deep dark gulf to west
rough hewn stairs lead down
zig zagging into darkness below
Giant Rat attack
mitch 16
talon 8
art 4
Onyx 3

25 xp each

dc 10 investigation or survival check
giant rat paw prints
humanoid foot prints
*these lead down stairs
ring of stones with old ashes
*no fires for years
ashes contain:
spear tipes and small animal bones

#2Switchback Stairs

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