Dark Citadel S1 E2: Rat Traps Script

Onyx looks down into the hole, then after a brief moment, both Onyx and Talon join them.

The rat attacks, biting, hissing, and clawing at the abundance of fresh meat.

Talon spins away from one bite attack, slicing the large rat in half with his second scimitar.

The group looks around, checking for more of the hungry creatures.

I do believe that is all of the rats.

I think my leg went through a trap door, after I landed here.

Mobruk indicates the leg, the others look and agree. As they move some of the debris, a lit torch reveals the trap door.

Artimax grabs the torch with his magic hand, lowering the torch below, as they take turns climbing down into the room.

A large rat springs from the shadow cast by the torch, clamping down on Talon’s left leg.

That is a big one!

Mobruk swings his sword, but the weapon breaks in half on the rat’s large skull.

The group all look at each other as the rat launches with another attack.

A purple green light comes from Onyx’s eye, sending the rat rolling in two different directions.

As the group walk along this corridor, shadows bounce off the cracked stone walls, Mobruk looks at the broken bit of his sword.

Here, take my sword, because I prefer scimitars anyways.

They continue walking, none of their steps making a sound.

The room they enter reveals three small skeletons, with a fourth pinned to a wall.

There is some writing behind this one, it reads Ashardalon.

That is the name of the dragon mentioned earlier, so we are on the right track.

Looking around, each of them nod at the statement by Artimax.

Mobruk swings his sword, getting a feel for it’s weight, when he grunts in pain, shaking his hand.

There is a trap on this hidden door, I just tripped it.

As they try the other doors in the room, finding them locked, Artimax disassembles the trap, placing the mechanism in his pack.

The door swings open, showing three skeletons slumped against the wall.

Each skeleton’s garments are in different stages of disentigration.

As Talon walks into the room, the skeleton’s come to life and attack.

Talon swings his scimitar decapitating one skeleton. As the skull falls, Mobruk swings the sword, cutting another in half, as Talon kicks off the wall with a roundhouse kick decapitating the last skeleton.

Talon picks up a quiver of arrows, looking curiously at their lack of wear.

Those appear to be a magical set of arrows.

Artimax shuts the door, protecting them from anything that may come at them.

Each one leans up against the wall as Onyx divides what they found amongst the four of them.

Seeming refreshed after an hour’s rest, Artimax opens the door and they leave the small room.

A staircase appears, after several minutes of walking, which leads down into an even darker darkness.

Mobruk takes the lead, leading them into a hallway that is blocked at the other end by fallen rocks and large chunks of stone.

The floor is littered here with small animal bones, fallen paintings, and the ever present dust and mildew.

A carved dragon in relief appears on the wall as they step in front of it.

Mobruk tries to open the door, only to stumble back with his hands up to his temples.


The other three look at each other and then to Mobruk.

Artimax kneels before the keyhole, looking into it and beginning to try and pick it.

A lock that you cannot pick.
Continuing to do so, will make you sick.
A riddile I will give thee.
Answer correct and you may proceed.

We come at night, without being fetched.
We disappear by day, without being stolen.


I have not yet finished the riddle.
I’ve been down here for who knows how long, seeing no one.
I finally get to ask my riddle and I get interupted.

I am sorry, please finish.

You don’t mind?

Not at all.

Ahem! Ahem! What are we?


Yes I know, you already said that.

As the door opens, a room containing four alcoves appears. Faint light shines in this room, pulsing in time to the faint music that is now heard.

The light comes from a crystal ball in the far alcove, the other crystal balls being dark and cracked.

Artimax appears to be entranced by the lit crystal ball, as he stands before it and shows no other movement.

Onyx tries to move the crystal ball, causing him and Artimax to struggle with each other, before Onyx joins him in staring into the ball’s depth.

Mobruk comes to help the two of them break this enchantment, but quickly joins the other two into staring deep into the crystal ball.

The three of them begin to sway together in time to the music.

Hey guys. Do you hear me? Hey guys? GuysCan you hear me? !

Mobruk, Onyx, and Artimax show no signs of having heard Talon.

Talon pulls out his bow and lines up a shot, releasing as soon as he knocks the arrow.

As the arrow shatters the ball, the others shake their heads, and a door appears behind the pedastil.

Mobruk steps up onto the platform grunting in pain as he shakes his hand.

I’m really tired of these traps!

Artimax steps up, disabling the needle trap and pushes the door open.

Beyond the door is a hallway leading into darkness.
The scene fades.
To be continued.

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