Stephen’s Notes 11/29/2022

Session 3 – Nov. 29, 2022
We enter the hallway that was revealed in the alcove at the end of last session.
There is a faint, hazy, greenish illumination; dust and debris fill the area; the roof is slightly rounded. It opens into a large antechamber.
In the next area there are Rotten paintings along the walls and a large shadow looms in the back of the room.
Mobrukk walks to the shadow and it’s revealed to be a statue of a dragon. Around the dragon are bowl-like fixtures, seemingly for some sort of material sacrifice.
The dragon contacts Mobrukk telepathically and asks a riddle.
“When you have me, you immediately feel like sharing me, but once you share me you no longer have me.”
We each approach the statue and receive the same riddle.
Tallon is the first to figure out the answer. He telepathically answers the dragon, “secret.” Upon his answer, a door appears only to him. He exits through the door without telling the rest of us the answer.
After a while, the rest of us are given the answer by an impatient voice and we too go through the door.
Beyond the door is another room with moist dust coting the surfaces and more mold on the walls. Six alcoves line the north and south walls, three to a side.
There is a green flickering light just past the furthest alcove on the south wall.
Mobrukk flips a coin to decide to investigate.
Mobrukk goes towards the light.
There is a doorway ajar behind the alcove, held open by a fallen statue.
There is another statue still standing in the opposite alcove. We decide to try to move it, but even with our combined efforts, we are unable to move it more than the merest fraction.
We decide to walk through the open door instead.
The green light gets slightly brighter and the brief hall ends in another large chamber.
Onyx notices small humanoid tracks that have been there a while. The prints lead to an open area and stop abruptly. Mobrukk further notices that the footprints have claw like impressions coming from their toes. The space is empty say for more dust and mildew.
We go to where the footprints end.
Onyx and Mobrukk fall unconscious, and Tallon is very hurt by an unseen pressure trap.
Artimax heals Onyx and Mobrukk.
We find ourselves now in a pit with deadly spikes into which we were dumped after activating the trap.
Tallon sees a tunnel in the pit that is lined with green tiles.
We crawl through the tunnel and the light gets brighter and brighter.
It ends in another large chamber.
We take a long rest in the tunnel fearing the dangers that lie ahead.
Upon resuming our journey, we make our way through the tiled tunnel in this order, Artimax, Talon, Mobrukk, and Onyx.
Tallon squeezes past Artimax to better see what’s ahead.
He sees a dark shape amongst the debris in the next chamber. It looks sort of cubical but long and rectangular.
As Tallon crawls into the room, He hears a disembodied voice thanking us for releasing it from its binding. It claims its name is Jot. Tallon pointlessly argues with it. It tries to attack Tallon, but misses.
We all exit into the chamber.
The large chamber is lined with cracked, purple tiles. Most of the tiles are, to some degree, in a state of disrepair. In the middle of the room is a long, wide, stone sarcophagus. One of the ends of the sarcophagus is carved in a stylized dragon’s head with other dragon carvings embossed along its surface.
The unseen entity in this room, Jot, continues to insult and taunt us. Mobrukk and Tallon indulge it while Onyx and, presumably Artimax, ignore it.
Mobrukk tries to break open the sarcophagus. Many blows and broken tools later, he and Tallon manage to break all the clasps holding the lid and Mobrukk kicks it away in a fit of rage.
A desiccated troll emerges from the sarcophagus and attacks the group. We finally defeat it after sustaining grievous Injuries. Tallon strikes the killing blow.
Among the treasures are:
A Ceremonial Dagger worth 125gp
2 silver rings worth 15gp each
A Silver dragon amulet worth 15gp
4 spell scrolls: Command, Cure wounds 2nd-level, Inflict Wounds 2nd-level, and Guiding Bolt 2nd-level
Artimax takes the scrolls.
Mobrukk holds on to the dagger, the rings, and amulet.
We each get 13gp and 55sp.
Tallon Finds a secret exit. He opens it and enters.
A goblin attacks Tallon and knocks him unconscious. We defeat the goblin and Artimax heals Tallon.
We reach an empty room with stairs that go down.
We take a short rest.
We go down the stairs into a room. On the far wall is a painting of a stylized dragon with fish-like features swimming around an underwater chest.
Artimax notices something strange about the chest in the painting.
Tallon determines that the keyhole in the chest is a physical keyhole but we do not know where the key would be.
Artimax picks the lock and the painting rolls back.
It reveals a 10 by 10 room with a rusted keg in the upper left corner and pipes going down into the floor.
Mobrukk opens the kettle and is attacked by two mephits: one of ice and the other of steam.
When the Ice mephit is killed, it explodes, nocking Mobrukk unconscious.
We manage to kill the steam mephit as well, but it brings Mobrukk closer to death in its death throws.
We are barely able to stabilize Mobrukk.
Tallon finds 5 sapphires worth 10gp apiece. He also finds a small door.
In the other room there’s a bunch of symbols written on the wall in green on the walls.
Artimax recognizes the writing and it says, “here be dragons.”
Also in the room is a large pit in the center. In the pit is chard bones and indications of a recent fire. Near the pit is an alter with a green cloth draped over it with 3 objects laid out on the cloth. There is a bedroll by the alter. We hear a whimpering sound coming from the alter area.
We are at 286 XP.
End of session

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