DM Notes for 11-22-2022

landing at 60ft down
landing at 40ft down
landing at 20ft down

fortress appears slowly
cracked stones
cracked and missing windows
leaning towers
chilled breeze blows from below
*smell of damp, decay

#3Crumbled Courtyard
stairs end in small courtyard
*actually top of a crumbling battlement
to west is lone remaining tower
crumbled masonry fills the area 40ft
dc 10 acrobatics check
*every 10 feet
failing by 5, block shifts sending player into a cavity
dc 10 Athletics check to climb out
10% chance to attract giant rats if they fall
*increases by 10% each time they fall
Hidden Trapdoor
dc 15 perception check to see it
dc 10 investigation to understand how it works

3 goblin skeletons
1 gnawed goblin corpse
gr2 20
bite +4 to hit 1d4+2

scimitar, shield
23 sp and 4 gp in belt pouch

#4 Tower Shell
cracked granit
other debris
4 dead goblins
1 goblin pinned byspear to wall
3 wooden doors lead from here
tower walls 30ft high
*no floors, clear view upwards
investigation check:
goblins dead a while
rats have chewed on goblin bodies
if remove spear, goblin falls
draconic writing:
Secret Door 1:
perception dc shows hidden door leading to Area #5
opened by pushing block on left side/pulling on right side
if pull then needle trap
1 piercing damage
dex check dc 15 to disable with thieves tools
3 archer skeletons inside
all kinds of debris
skele1 5
!monattack skeleton shortsword

skele2 4
!monattack skeleton shortsword

skele3 3
!monattack skeleton shortsword

38xp each player

60 copper
3 magical +1 arrows

artimax gets$$$
2 gp
20 copper
hallway is in poor shape
far end is blocked
west wall has stone door
door has dragon carving on it
keyhole is in dragon’s mouth
both mechanical and arcane lock
mechanical dex dc25
arcane acrobatics 30
(key is in area 21)
Giant Rat 8
!monattack “giant rat” bite
20ft long corridor to right
15ft wide corridor
dusty, dank, mildewy
closed door at end
middle section causes bolt to be fired
+5 to hit 1d10 piercing damage
investigation dc 15 to determine pressure plates
dragon carving on door speaks
“We come at night
without being fetched
we disappear by day
without being stolen
what are we?”
if answer correctly: stars
door opens
dust fills the air
stale smell
4 total alcoves
3 on north wall 1 on south
dust covered stone pedastil
crystal globes rest on top
3 north globes are darked and cracked
globe in south is light and tinkling
wisdom save 15 or charmed
ac 10
hp 10
if touched, sound gets louder
investigation/perception DC 15 shows secret door
20ft long corridor

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