Dark Citadel Session Dark Citadel Session 2 Player Notes 11-22-2022

Session 2: Nov. 23, 2022
We begin on a landing with an abandoned camp.
Some of us notice footprints.
Mobrukk finds some stuff in the prints like twigs or mud or something.
Onyx takes Mobrukk’s torch to hold it while he does stuff.
Artimax uses Mage Hand to hold up the torch instead.
We continue down the stairs.
We approach the end of the stairs with 20 ft remaining. In the distance we see a dark shape.
Onyx can tell that it is a solid shape, but he can’t see anything else.
Mobrukk throws a pebble at it. The action reveals nothing else.
As we approach, the shadowy shape proves to be the remains of a fortress. There is a chill, omnipresent breeze and the smell of mold and decay hangs in the air.
We are now in a courtyard-like place with grass, rocks, and ruins. The fallen masonry and old detritus of a long dead society make for difficult terrain to push through.
We pick our way across the courtyard.
We see a tower in the distance.
We continue to pick our way over the debris.
Onyx and Artimax fall in a small depression.
Artimax frees himself, but Onyx falls again while trying to get out and Mobrukk has to help him out.
Mobrukk and Artimax fall into another depression trying to make it across the last 10 feet.
A giant rat attacks Mobrukk and Artimax.
We kill the rat.
Mobrukk sees a trapdoor in the depression.
We go down through the trapdoor and find some goblin skeletons in an underground section.
We are attacked by another rat.
Mobrukk breaks his sword on the tough rat.
We killed the rat.
We find a shield 4gp and 23sp, and a scimitar on the goblin skeletons.
Tallon takes the scimitar and gives his old sword to Mobrukk.
We continue on.
We come to an open area with more goblin skeletons and there is a goblin pinned by a spear to the wall.
Mobrukk takes the spear.
We find writing in Draconic that spells out Ashardalon.
Mobrukk finds a secret door among three other obvious doors. He ignores the obvious doors and goes to the secret door and gets stabbed by a needle trap trying to open it.
Onyx tries door 1 and breaks the handle.
Tallon tries the 2nd and it rattles, but does not open.
Mobrukk tries the 3rd and it does not budge either
Tallon and Mobrukk try the 2nd together, but it does not budge.
Artimax disables the trapped 4th door and keeps the trap mechanism.
Tallon enters the open door.
There are a bunch of rocks and three skeletons sitting against the wall.
As Tallon walks in the skeletons come to life.
We killed all 3 skeletons.
Among the treasures are:
3 magical arrows which grant +1 to hit and +1 damage
. Tallon takes the arrows.
We divide the total money, along with the other money found before, into 2gp, 15sp, and 20cp.
We take a short rest and leave the little room.
There are some stairs leading to a 60 ft hallway.
There is a partial collapse down the hallway with another stone door with a dragon stylized keyhole.
The door is locked.
Mobrukk asks Artimax to check the door and he is pleased to be remembered.
Mobrukk tries to pull the door open, but it won’t move and he takes some psychic damage. The dragon door handle asks a riddle to which Onyx blurts out the answer.
The door then opens as the dragon handle complains about people who don’t let it finish its riddle.
In the room beyond, there four alcoves, each with a crystal ball in them.
Three of the crystals are cracked and lifeless while the fourth is lit up and emits a song.
Artimax is entranced by the song.
Onyx tries to move the crystal and gets entranced.
Mobrukk tries to grab the crystal from Onyx and gets entranced.
Tallon shoots the crystal. It shatters
There is a secret door in the alcove.
As we try to open the door we get hit with a needle trap.
Mobrukk finally opens the door to reveal a long corridor.
We end the session

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