Stephen’s Notes Dec 13, 2022

Session 4 – Dec. 13, 2022
We begin back in the room with the large fire pit in the middle and the shrine of some sort near it. It appears to be some kind of sacrificial chamber.
We hear some whimpering coming from a bag near the alter.
There is a kobold in the bag. Meepo is a dragon protector. He claims goblins attacked, and killed, everyone and stole the dragon wyrm.
We are told we can get more answers from a warrior princess named Yusdrayl. So, Meepo takes us to her.
Meepo opens a door and we see a trip wire across the threshold. We cautiously move passed it.
We are in a small room with a ring of sorts made of embers and wood fragments. There are 3 other kobolds in the room.
We pass through the room after briefly talking to the kobolds.
We come to a door that Meepo doesn’t want us to look in.
Tallon and Mobrukk are curious so Meepo reluctantly opens the door.
A swarm of rats erupts from the door. Tallon and Mobrukk kill the rats.
We are now at 299xp.
We walk down a corridor with many doors.
Many of the doors are prison cells containing Goblins.
We come to a tattered iron bound wooden door.
Meepo opens the door and we head down.
Meepo leads us to a large room with columns painted and carved with dragons.
There are well equipped kobold guards patrolling here.
Meepo gives the passphrase “tickle corn” to pass.
There is a well-appointed kobold sitting on a large throne on top of a pile of apparent garbage. The throne itself is made of many scraps of bone, wood, and masonry. It turns out this is Yusdrayl.
She tells us of a goblin infestation.
We are told the goblins are servants of the one who holds the apple.
We are asked to invade the goblins and get their dragon wyrm back.
We are given reward options: Quaal’s feather, 3 spell scrolls (Mage armor, spider clime, or knock), or 3 elixirs of health.
We are offered training to get us that 1 damn experience point.
After a long rest we continue. Meepo leads on.
We come to a food processing area. We are lead through more storage areas. He takes us down a hallway to a door.
The door is locked and we must pick it.
Another door appears when we try and fail to pick the lock.
Meepo leads us to the magic door.
Tallon falls in a pit.
There is a dusty room beyond the magic door.
Mobrukk checks for traps before we enter and sees tracks.
Onyx falls through another hole in the floor.
Rather than getting him out, everyone else descends deciding it would be a shorter route to the goblin horde.
Meepo continues to “show” us the way.
We come to a door.
Tallon opens the door silently.
There is a hallway beyond, about 20 ft.
At the end there is a wooden barrier. Meepo believes this is goblin construction. We get passed the shabby barrier.
Tallon and Mobrukk fall over a bunch of caltrops because they don’t check for traps. Somewhere Abyss snickers for no apparent reason.
Onyx is attacked by a hidden goblin and his crossbow. Tallon is also attacked.
Onyx and Tallon kill their enemies: Tallon with a crossbow bolt and Onyx with Eldritch Blast.
We get 325 XP
End of session

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