Critter Corner(Monster 23 Challenge)

This is a journey or a challenge self-imposed by myself, of course. I know that Jim is doing the Dungeon23 challenge and I didn’t really want to do that, so I decided to create a Monster a day for 2023. But I had to think about how to go about it, what system to use, and since DND 5E is so popular and the material is so accessible, I stuck with it.

I also wanted to decide how to go about it and I can’t really say that I’ve gotten that figured out yet, because there are different ways to do the sheet, but I may have found a good base sheet, well at least one that I’m pleased with.

Many things go into creating a monster, though the process is fairly straight forward. You can either

1. Take other monsters and adapt them to what you want.
2. Create your own in a step by step
3. Follow the Quick Step Process(very simple)
4. Do a combination of them all.

I honestly like Option 4, because it is less math and figuring that I need to do, which is a goo thing. If the monster I’m looking at has an Immunity of Fire, I can change it to Cold, and other options as well.

The most important thing is staying true to the monster or creature in my head.

The hardest part though… coming up with that dang name!

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