January finished

Jesse and myself record the Blind Knights podcast on Mondays and he had given me a creature idea, so we created that one on the podcast. Well he created it, I just went through asking him about the monster.

However he asked before the recording, if it was ok to use monster ideas from a book he was reading; ABSOLUTELY! I get some of my ideas for a single monster while some are a combination of 2 or more monsters in a book that I’ve read. I think it is crucial to not hinder the creativity flow by worrying about someone else’s book monster, cause chances are the Home Brewed monster will be different anyways. Take the monster as inspiration, “fleshing it out” and make it your own.

We must look at all aspects to create these monsters, creatures, or whatever you want to call them.

As I type this, I have finished the 31 monsters in January for the 5E system. I’ll be moving to a D6 system, because I’m eventually moving to running a game in Elemental by Gildor Games and I want monsters for it as well. Feel free to still submit ideas at knightsofthebraille@gmail.com or on our Discord.

Peace out and happy creating!

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