Dark Citadel Session 6

Session 6 – 1/3/2023
After having slaughtered the goblins during their sex orgy in ways no civilized person should, Mobrukk checks the bodies, but finds only garbage, blood, and guts.
Tallon and the rest of the team are taken aback by Mobrukk’s sudden rage filled carnage.
Mobrukk finds a door that leads to two other doors from the sex room.
He enters one and finds a lot of animal taxidermy. There is also another spike in the center of the room with a rusty chain leading from it.
Mobrukk returns to the group and tells us about the doors.
The group follows him to the room with the stuffed animals and spike. There is a broken chain hanging from the spike.
When Mobrukk enters the room—Meepo following him—a white wyrmling darts out from under a table.
Meepo is struck down. Mobrukk tries to pull Meepo from the wyrmling, but it is too late.
Onyx strikes at the wyrmling with Witch Bolt. The wyrmling retaliates with Ice Breath and freezes Onyx, taking him out of the fight. The Ice weapon also critically injures Tallon, Mobrukk, and Artimax.
Mobrukk spins behind the wyrmling and mounts it—his powerful arms wrapping around its long, cylindrical neck. Icy spital foams from the wyrmling’s mouth as he squeezes tight.
The wyrmling sprays more ice breath, but Mobrukk is able to subdue the thrashing beast.
While he is taking care of the young dragon, Artimax is able to heal Onyx.
Once Onyx is back in the fight, he is able to secure the young dragon with a rope around its mouth.
During the fight, the gnome we rescued is also killed.
The group decides to lead the wyrmling back as far back as they can get in the goblin tunnels with the wyrmling then release it on the first of its captors they run in to, rather that be the kobolds or goblins.
They come to a group of goblins and let the wyrmling go. It chases the goblins and the group runs the other way.
They receive +450xp
They return to the room where the wyrmling was being held.
They find:
Crystal goblet worth 5gp
25-piece Silverware Set worth 25g
Scroll case with a word written in Dwarvish, “Kaundruar”
The parchment in the case says “… the remaining few. By order of Durgeddin the Black, we have created a secret dwarven redoubt. None shall find us; however, …”
There are two doors leading from this room: one to the north and one to the south.
Mobrukk opens the south door.
It is a pantry with food stuffs in various states of decay. The group gathers some small containers of oil from the supplies, thinking they might come in handy in the near future.
Onyx opens the north door.
Smoke billows from it. Beyond the door there is a long passage in which there are several torches and columns on either side of the passage. On the walls are paintings of dragons on the walls along with dragon carvings spiraling around the columns.
Onyx hears, “what ya doing here,” come from the direction of a column. Believing that it was the column that spoke, he asks if it is a construct like him.
It does not answer. Instead, Tallon is struck by a goblin that appears from around the pillar for 4 damage. Onyx is also hit for 7.
Onyx strikes back at their attackers with his sword. When he hits one with the blade, a tongue of green flaming energy strikes out hitting the rest, burning them down. All 3 are killed.
The group comes to a ratty, wooden door at the far end of the chamber.
Purplish light spills from the threshold when the group opens the door. The group is also hit with the fetid odor of feces, urine, and rotting meat. The smell overwhelms them.
Beyond the door appears to be a goblin village.
Tallon decides to use the small barrels of oil to stir the creatures into a frenzy. He chucks 5 of the burning barrels at the village. The goblins come running.
While the tactic manages to send some of the goblins into a panic, catching them on fire and sending them running in all directions—burning structures and garbage as they go—some warriors manage to organize and Tallon is taken down.
Onyx tries to assault the goblins with Eldritch Blast, but can’t manage to get a good target on them in the chaos. The whole group is so affected by the foul odor that fighting is difficult.
Artimax heals Tallon to 9.
As the group is fighting a pitched battle with the goblin warriors, the wyrmling rushes in from a side entrance, scattering and killing goblins before it.
Mobrukk shouts furiously at the warriors and manages to scare them into a retreat. The group seizes on the opportunity with the goblins being slaughtered by the wyrmling and the general chaos of fires and panicking goblins to make their own escape. They shut all the doors they can behind them as they run.
As the group makes their way back through the room with the columns, they find a door that went unnoticed the first time they traveled through it.
Mobrukk looks under the door and sees the wyrmling waddling through the room on the other side. It appears to be well fed.
Believing the danger from the young dragon to be passed and fearing that they would run into it if they continued the way they were currently going, the group heads back to the goblin village to look for another way out.
In the decimated village the group finds some odds and ends:
Fine agate statue worth 30gp
Medium chain shirt
They find an alcove with a pulsating light coming from it. They enter a passage from the alcove. Beyond is a domed room. In the center of the room is a shaft from which the glow is coming. There are white and gray vines all around the room. Facing the shaft is a throne. Near the throne is a flower pot. Sitting on the throne is a hobgoblin who is near death.
Mobrukk and Tallon ask it what’s in the well.
It answers, “light and power.”
The group gets few useful answers from the dying hob before it expires.
The group receives:
1 potion of healing
2 vials of antitoxin
1 scroll of Faery Fire
1 scroll of exp ret
Session total of 782xp for each
Session end.

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