Frost Dragon Toad

I plan on creating one of these for Acid, Fire, etc, but this one was a lot of fun to create. The Frost Dragon Toad is for the Elemental TTRPG by Gildor Games and they are really quick to complete, much quicker than the DND 5E monsters. I believe it should be fairly easy to convert to another D6 system, if you want to use it in your game. If you do happen to use it, please let me know.

Name: Dragon Toad(Frost)
XP: 24
Agility: 1
Move: 10
Tough: 3
Health: 15
Awareness: 1
Initiative: 10
Will: 3
Spirit: 15
Grappling 1 (tongue), Unarmed Strike 1 (bite), Charge 2 (leap), Nightvision 1
Swallow: If a human-sized or smaller opponent is grappled by the tongue, the toad can attack it with its bite starting on the next round. If it succeeds, the victim takes damage and is swallowed whole. Swallowed creatures are Severely Impaired and suffer a DAM 2 roll each round. But if the toad takes damage from outside, it must roll TOU vs. the damage or regurgitate the swallowed creature. Only one creature can be swallowed at a time.
Frost Aura: Once every 3 rounds, the toad can radiate an intense cold which causes all creatures in melee combat with it to roll TOU+Resistance (cold/frost) vs. DIF 2 or suffer a DAM 0 roll and become Impaired (Move 50%, -2 to rolls). Victims can use actions to attempt shaking off the effect with a 2d Health check.
Icy Skin: ARM 1

The Frost Dragon Toad is a fierce amphibian, which has the body of a toad and is covered with icey scales. The males of the species are a typical white color of snow, with the females being a blue frost color. After mating, the female will freeze the male and insert her eggs into his frozen body.

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